The Game

Karate Winners Game is created so you can be part of the thrill and excitement of karate’s biggest event, the Karate 1- Premier League. It also has the intention of giving all those who have a “Karate Soul” the opportunity to interact and join other Karate fans all over the world. You just have to register as a coach to participate in the only official game of the WKF

How to register

It is very easy to register: Just introduce an email address and a password

You will receive an email to activate your account. Once you activate your account, you will be ready to start playing.

How to play

You can create a line-up with your favourite karatekas for each one of the events of the Karate 1-Premier League. Go to each category and scroll down to select your favourite Karate star. Also, do not forget to share your selection on social media and do not hesitate to invite your friends to join you!

Once that the registration of athletes for the Karate 1-Premier League event is closed (15 days before the start of the event), you will be able to make your selection of karatekas. Take a look at the options of athletes in each category and choose your favourite team of 12 stars. You can make up to 4 changes before the start of the competition.

How to get points

How do you prove that you are the best Karate coach? You will acquire points according to the actual performance of athletes in each Karate 1-Premier League event. The karatekas that you have selected will receive a number of points following their final ranking in the tournament.

The points will be distributed in the following way:

The tournaments of Paris, Dubai, Rabat and Shanghai will allocate points like this:

  • - 1st place: 100 points
  • - 2nd place: 50 points
  • - 3rd place: 25 points

Since the last tournaments of the season will play an important role in the decision of who gets to be this year’s Grand Winner, the tournaments in Tokyo, Moscow and Madrid will allocate the following number of points:

  • - 1st place: 200 points
  • - 2nd place: 100 points
  • - 3rd place : 50 points

You can check your points and the points made by your opponents in real time in your area of points. If you are proud of how well your team is doing, you can share the standings of the tournament or the general standings, so you can show your friends how great Karate coach you are!

The winner of the Game will be the Karate coach who gets the greatest number of points at the end of the year after the seven Karate 1-Premier League events of the season. Great prizes are ready for the winners!

How to be informed

You can find all the information about the Game on WKF social media channels. If you want to be informed about the Game and about all things Karate, follow the WKF!
Twitter: @worldkarate_wkf
Facebook: @wkfoffcial
Instagram: @worlkaratefederation
YouTube: WKFKarateWorldChamps

Make sure to use the official hashtag of the Game in your posts #KarateWinnersGame and be part of the most thrilling experience of the season.